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Vitex announces Eric Devine as President & CEO

Vitex, Inc. is thrilled to announce the appointment of Eric Devine as our new President and CEO. With a remarkable history of collaboration and innovation, Eric has been working closely with Vitex’s Founder, Randall Roth, for the past four years, driving impactful change throughout our organization. This appointment represents a pivotal moment in Vitex’s journey towards sustained growth and success.

Boasting a career spanning over two decades in the banking industry, Eric brings a wealth of expertise to our team. His focus on technology and leadership equips him with a diverse skill set encompassing contract negotiation, financial software assessment, proficiency in core banking systems, implementation of Fintech services, and delivering best-in-class solutions for the financial services sector.

Eric Devine, our newly appointed President, and CEO, expresses his genuine excitement and anticipation for this remarkable opportunity:

“I am eagerly looking forward to carrying forward the Vitex spirit of teamwork in all our endeavors, as we aspire to achieve excellence, nurture innovation, and provide unparalleled service to our clients. The unwavering dedication and hard work of each Vitex team member have been instrumental in our success, and we are committed to building upon the strong foundation left by Randy Roth.”

While Founder Randall Roth takes a step back from the ownership of the company, he remains an integral part of the team. With a wealth of experience and expertise within the banking space, Randy will continue to actively work with clients, ensuring Vitex’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that help our clients thrive in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Under Eric’s leadership, Vitex is stepping into an exciting new chapter. We are steadfast in our commitment to building upon our past accomplishments and embracing innovative strategies to foster organizational growth, ensure client satisfaction, and deliver extraordinary experiences.

Eric embraces an “open-door” policy and warmly welcomes communication from you at any time.