As part of our efforts to connect with banking industry professionals and organizations, we’re excited to announce that Vitex was recently accepted as an associate member into the Massachusetts Bankers Association. This is exciting news to share for Vitex to start off 2024, and efforts are well underway to participate with other state banking associations across the country. 

The Massachusetts Bankers Association has been a part of the banking community in New England for over a century, serving over 125 banks across the region.  

“Being a part of associations like the Massachusetts Bankers Association provides Vitex with unique opportunities to build relationships with member banks in the region,” said Eric Devine, Vitex President and CEO. “Having the chance to collaborate with those organizations, to better understand the unique challenges they face, allows us to grow and better serve our customers as well.” 

Growing Activity Across Banking Associations 

Vitex continues to explore memberships and activity with banking associations across the country. Currently, we actively participate as a member of the California Bankers Association, Iowa Bankers Association, and Wisconsin Bankers Association. 

We continue to explore membership opportunities with other industry associations and look forward to sharing those updates with you when the time comes.