Most banks have conducted some form of internal revenue enhancement initiatives over the years or maybe on a regular basis. Vitex will bring more ideas by nature because we’re in hundreds of client banks, but the real value is generally in helping the bank implement the recommendations. Projects like this can cause major changes that are difficult to accomplish with internal resources for a variety of reasons. As a result, most banks consider the use of outside expertise to provide recommendations to the business units and the executive team and to then lead the implementation of the recommendations.
Our goal is to assist clients in improving their overall financial performance by increasing non-interest service charge revenue, while at the same time reducing expenses. Our engagements focus on a detailed analysis of the following areas:

  1. Fee Pricing Optimization
  2. Fee Collection Optimization
  3. Courtesy Overdraft Program Analysis
  4. Leveraging Technology (electronic delivery, mobile banking, online banking)

Our services are provided with minimal staff interruption and are risk-free with the bank only paying for approved recommendations.