Jon Brenneman
Executive Vice President
Contract Negotiations

Mobile: (419) 217-4525

Jon Brenneman has been an industry leader for over 45 years, utilizing his expertise in bank management, data processing, sales, marketing, and client relations, to help companies like ADP, Fiserv/RDSI, FIS and Austin Associates.

Throughout his banking and data processing career, Jon excelled with each company which he journeyed with along the way. Beginning with ADP at the dawn of the industry to launching a data processing division for Austin Associates. From there 22 years as Executive Vice President & CMO for RDSI Banking Systems, one of Fiserv Premier’s largest clients. Before joining Vitex, Jon served as Vice President and Regional Manager for FIS Global, managing over 400 Core Banking Clients both Regionally and Nationally, achieving President Club Honors as well.

Highly successful record in contract negotiations as well as sales, marketing and client relations. Significant involvement in executive management, specifically relating to areas of strategic planning and business development.

Jon is a graduate of Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio with a bachelor of science degree in Finance and Banking with a double major in Business Pre-Law.