Core & Ancillary Technology Evaluation

Making the best banking technology choices requires understanding your financial institution’s existing investments, needs, and myriad requirements.

Make Better Banking Technology Decisions 

The basic software and systems your bank use to operate are complex. You depend on your core technology to reliably process daily transactions and account updates, while your ancillary systems make it possible to process retail payments, conduct monetary exchanges, and a host of other financial transactions. 

With the pace of technological and regulatory changes, the solutions you depend on may become outdated, inefficient, and even out of compliance over the years. Because of this, they should be evaluated every three to five years to optimize efficiency, facilitate new product initiatives, introduce reporting flexibility, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Vitex specialists help banks make better decisions every day. Working in close partnership with our customers, we conduct core and ancillary technology evaluations backed by deep knowledge of the systems and vendors you depend on to conduct your daily operations.  

Our Technology Evaluation Process

Needs Analysis

We look closely at your business objectives and evaluate your existing technology’s ability to fulfill those goals.

Feature Identification

Many solutions are sold based on a rich feature set, but which features do you need, and which are a waste of resources? We’ll help you figure that out.

Vendor Proposals

If your existing core and ancillary technology is no longer suited to your business objectives, we’ll help bring in the best vendors to provide demos and proposals.