Core & Ancillary Contract Negotiations

Your bank’s technology strategy begins with the core and ancillary technology contracts it has in place. Whether you’re exploring new options or renewing an existing contract, you shouldn’t navigate the process alone. We’re here to help. 

Negotiate your Contracts with Confidence 

Contracts for core banking solutions stay in place for years. This makes the contract negotiation process vitally important to your bank’s long-term technology strategy. Without the right guidance or understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each proposed alternative, it’s impossible to choose a strategic partner who will meet your core and ancillary banking solution needs, now and into the future. 

Our decades of experience working with banking institutions of all sizes gives us the expertise to take the uncertainty out of contract renewals and negotiations. We help you streamline the negotiation process with an eye toward reducing your core banking solution technology costs and achieving agreeable terms. 

Don’t go to the negotiating table alone. When the time comes, Vitex has your back. Let us be your ally in securing the best possible technology contracts for your bank. 

Benefits of Partnering with Vitex

Fact-based Negotiations

Valuable market data to inform your decisions during negotiations is hard to come by. With countless negotiations over the years, we have the experience and facts to achieve the best outcome for your bank.

Control Costs

Banking solution contracts are long-term and carry a significant cost. We will help you realize both short and long-term contract savings as well as the confidence that your technology vendor selections match your bank’s technology strategy needs.   

Personalized Service

Our team is committed to working closely with you every step of your negotiation journey. We’ve sat at the table with the core and ancillary solution vendors as leaders within banks and credit unions. We understand your challenges and we’re here to make our expertise work for you.