Conversion Project Management

Converting to a new core or ancillary banking system takes time, planning, and dedicated resources. Putting an experienced project management team in place is a crucial step toward guaranteeing successful implementation and business continuity during the process. 

Core Banking Solutions Are Our Business 

Core banking technology forms the technical backbone of your bank’s operations. This fact leads to many institutions leaving outdated systems in place for too long. They’d rather deal with inefficiency and functional gaps than go through the pain of an arduous conversion to a new platform. 

The same applies to the bank’s ancillary systems. The prospect of converting systems is overwhelming to many institutions that are concerned with cost, downtime, and interruptions to business operations. 

Many of these concerns can be alleviated through excellent project management. Vitex Conversion Project Managers have worked with countless banks to ensure a smooth transition with the least disruption to the bank’s daily business activity. Our vast experience and close working relationships with vendors across the industry give us a unique perspective into every aspect of your conversion project. 

Our Approach to Your Core Conversion

Our team guides your core and ancillary solution conversion, overseeing each step and project goal. Our approach includes:

Developing the Project Outline 

We start by getting all the relevant details and conversion requirements, building a detailed project outline creates the foundation for every step of your conversion project. 

Scheduling Implementation Dates 

Realistic target dates based on similar past projects increase the project’s chances for successful implementation.  

Preparing Detailed Tasks 

Building from the outline and target implementation, we help outline detailed tasks, due dates, task owners, dependencies, and potential roadblocks to keep the project moving forward. 

Holding Regular Checkpoint Meetings 

Using the task list as an agenda, regular meetings with bank personnel and vendors ensure progress is made according to the project schedule.

Scheduling Vendor Meetings 

Vendor conversations whenever an issue arises help overcome technical problems and assist with issue tracking over the course of the conversion. 

Building Detailed Training Schedules 

As the implementation date nears, we ensure that bank personnel training is scheduled, giving them the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use the new systems when they go live.