Ben Anderson
Vice President
Business Development

Office: (704) 663-2544
Mobile: (207) 632-9181

Ben has the innate ability to forge connections, create opportunities and develop a value for his clients. His passion for emerging technology, contract negotiations, and problem resolution drove Ben to join the Vitex team as the Vice President of Business Development. Ben has an unmatched track record of building rapport and trust with clients. In addition, his keen understanding of core systems, financial technologies, and industry trends allows him to deliver results consistently.

In his role, Ben has set his sights high to become the leading voice and thought leader in the financial contract negotiations arena.  He strives to lead in situations through education, laterally creative solutions and adopting new practices before they become the norm. His success has rested in his ability always to keep ahead of the curve.

Though his formal education at Berklee College of Music didn’t warrant him a financial background, his creative expertise as an artist has propelled him above his competition within his professional career. Additionally, Ben was an industry expert with an exceptional capability to deliver above the customers’ expectations and needs in previous roles.

Outside of Vitex, Ben’s life revolves around his wife, Danielle, and their two rabbits in the Portland, Maine, area. The pair often spend weekends visiting local antique stores in New England to hunt for vintage rabbit-related items. In addition, Ben is a lifelong musician, always striving to improve himself as a songwriter, producer, and engineer.