White Paper Analyzing How to Capitalize on the Decline of Bank Branches Released Today by Vitex Strategic Bank Consulting Firm

Mooresville, North Carolina (Friday, September 27, 2013) – Vitex, a strategic bank consulting company, releases today Branchless Banking: Take the Branch with You, a white paper analyzing how financial institutions must capitalize on the decline of bank branches.

“Customers are constantly demanding more personalized products; therefore, the necessity for new, innovative banking solutions is critical to the success of your financial institution,” says Vitex CEO Randy Roth. “The era of customers visiting a branch on a regular basis is nearing an end.”

“Customers are busy and have less time than ever before. Financial institutions need to embrace mobility and implement the proper e-banking and mobile strategies to positively impact revenues and efficiencies,” adds Vitex President David Powell.

This white paper is part of a broader effort to help banks work better through strategy and profit optimization. Discover how bank branches are changing and how all financial institutions must alter their strategy accordingly by exploring the many facets of the branch including mobile banking, attracting and retaining new customers, streamlining account openings and security.

To receive the white paper Branchless Banking: Take the Branch with You, click here. To set up an interview with Vitex, please call (330) 464-5839 or email cray@turning-point-advisors.com.

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