Helping Banks Work Better

    Vitex helps banks plan for the future,
   gain efficiencies, and improve the
  bottom line in areas that are critical
 to the overall success of your deposit,
lending and investment services.

Let us help you ignite

  • Executive Strategy
     Need to execute your strategic plan or get your board on board with new initiatives? Our trusted executive advisors can help. /?page_id=16
  • Revenue Generation
     Do your people and processes generate profit or waste opportunity? Vitex will search below the surface to find improvements others never see. /?page_id=68
  • Expense Management
     Want to maximize profitability with minimal effort or cost? Our negotiation and recovery experts amaze clients daily. /?page_id=73
  • Operational Efficiency
     Are you so close to your bank’s processes that you can’t see them anymore? An outside perspective can tap your inner efficiencies. /?page_id=75
  • Risk Management
     Is your bank prepared for new government regulations and business emergencies? Vitex will help you be ready for anything. /?page_id=77
  • Vitex Advisor

    • Strategic Planning: Your Bank’s Offense

      Football season is here, and that means bank strategic planning sessions are also here. Does your bank have a good defense and offense? Bank Strategic Planning During this season, I like to compare a bank’s strategy to a good game […]

  • Spotlight

    • We Are Hiring Experienced Senior Bank Consultants

      Vitex strategic bank consulting has a history of helping banks work better through strategic guidance. If you are interested in joining our team of seasoned bank consultants, and you have […]